Allen Stone - Sleep

If you are not enjoying your life and your music as much as Allen Stone, you are doing it wrong. (x)



“Fire/Fear” - The Head and The Heart

(live on KEXP, 9/12/12)

The Head and the Heart with the Lumineers - Skinny Love (orig. Bon Iver)

in which there is a house show, and then an impromptu singalong to bon iver at said house show, and bon iver is miraculously made cheerful and raucous and fun. (x)

The Mermen -Unto The Resplendent

so, this is basically perfect. (h/t, i am fuel you are friends)

Motopony - God Damn Girl

god damn girl, you wounds are beautiful

(h/t i am fuel, you are friends)

Tyler Lyle -Winter Is For Kierkegaard (live in Manitou Springs)

The Damnwells

The Damnwells - Louisville

i never wanted to keep you up or leave you alone
cell phones and stars only tease you, they never take you home

a frightened rabbit

A long, long time ago— also known as about two years or so— the extraordinarily awesome Heather Browne of I Am Fuel, You Are Friends fame popped up on my Google Reader with a post titled “here is a that bedroom you’ve never been in" and officially captured my interest.  The Fuel/Friends blog has introduced me to more outstanding music than I can count, but Frightened Rabbit was the first.  I’ve been stupidly in love with them ever since.  Even if I can barely manage to sing along with some of that Scottish brogue sometimes, I will still absolutely blast just about any of their songs.  Modern Leper and Skip The Youth spin on heavy repeat as it starts to warm up and I can drive with the windows down.  Yes I Would makes me want to hide in a dark corner for the rest of eternity.  The ambling bass line of The Wrestle is the very definition of addictive foot-tapping.  The echoing “I am” lines in Not Miserable are a thing of beauty.  Some of the most amazing use of simple percussion exists within the albums The Midnight Organ Flight and The Winter Of Mixed Drinks, the former of which is as dank and broken and depressing as the latter is dark and rich and bombastic.

So listen up and pay them some attention if you haven’t already.  I would say you’re welcome, but all that credit should go out Colorado way.

1. Confetti (orig. The Lemonheads)

2. Cheap Gold

3. Poke

4. Snake

5. The Work

6. Yes I Would

7. Fuck This Place

8. Backwards Walk

9. Not Miserable

10. The Wrestle

11. Keep Yourself Warm

12. Things

13. The Loneliness and the Scream

14. The Modern Leper

15. The Twist

16. Square 9

17. Nothing Like You

18. Skip The Youth

download it here

Tyler Lyle

for anyone who likes Josh Ritter.  Or Damian Rice.  Or Ray LaMontagne.  Or Joseph Arthur.  Or any other skinny dude with a soft voice and a nice guitar and pretty lyrics.

except he’s better than them all, because he comes from the former prison colony that is georgia and doesn’t sound like a douchebag. 

Wonder Why

Vetiver - Wonder Why

if you don’t already read the i am fuel, you are friends music blog, then, well, a) you’re a moron, and b) you haven’t figured out where to find good music on the internet, and c) you’re a moron.  stalk it obsessively and your life will improve dramatically.