Allen Stone - Sleep

If you are not enjoying your life and your music as much as Allen Stone, you are doing it wrong. (x)



“Fire/Fear” - The Head and The Heart

(live on KEXP, 9/12/12)

Ingrid Michaelson - End Of The World

It’s one of those songs.. one of those rip your heart out because you can’t breathe kind of love songs.. a song of hope, a song of despair, a song of love, a song of heartache. One of those songs that gets to you emotionally, allowing your hard as stone heart to warm up a little to feel the pain and joy it has to offer.. a song for lovers, a song for the lonely.. a song for anyone who has ever been in love or craves love. (x)

Ellie Goulding -High For This (orig. The Weeknd)

(h/t loudersoft)

The Mermen -Unto The Resplendent

so, this is basically perfect. (h/t, i am fuel you are friends)

Motopony - God Damn Girl

god damn girl, you wounds are beautiful

(h/t i am fuel, you are friends)

Tori Amos -Forgot To Be Brave (improv)

(h/t, achtung baby)

Ben l’Oncle Soul -Otherside (orig. Red Hot Chili Peppers)

(h/t chromemusic)

Tyler Lyle -Winter Is For Kierkegaard (live in Manitou Springs)

Tyler Lyle

for anyone who likes Josh Ritter.  Or Damian Rice.  Or Ray LaMontagne.  Or Joseph Arthur.  Or any other skinny dude with a soft voice and a nice guitar and pretty lyrics.

except he’s better than them all, because he comes from the former prison colony that is georgia and doesn’t sound like a douchebag. 


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The Cranberries-Dreams

Today at work, the interns in the situation room had to come up with 50 Emotional Hook Videos on VEVO. We had way too much fun with this task pulling out videos like B2K’s “Bump, Bump, Bump” and Salt and Pepa’s “Push It.” We came up with 50 in mere in minutes fighting over which video should make it on the list. Yet, there was no debate over The Cranberries’ “Dreams.” 

Wonder Why

Vetiver - Wonder Why

if you don’t already read the i am fuel, you are friends music blog, then, well, a) you’re a moron, and b) you haven’t figured out where to find good music on the internet, and c) you’re a moron.  stalk it obsessively and your life will improve dramatically.