i just made the most horrified face

the best part is that it’s all internal financial documents so i can’t leave it in our office so i have to lug it back and forth with me on the subway every daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

and here i was, thinking i would avoid drowning in paper when i decided not to be a lawyer…

and here i was, thinking i would avoid drowning in paper when i decided not to be a lawyer…



itcameuponamidnightqueer replied to your post: so apparently i might have to be in Te…

how does communication even get screwed up that bad

last year i got put on a project on a tuesday and had to be in another state eight am wednesday morning and it was supposed to be for six weeks and i was there for seven months

what even is your job why is everything so complicated for you lol
i’ve decided that in my last life i was a really terrible boss to some poor innocent people and this is my penance

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annnnd i still brought work home

 :( :( :( :( :(

dearest darlingest little staff one external auditor boy from the big four firm that i will not name,

if you want to send an email asking about a section 1.01(b)(ii) in the debt covenants, that’s fine.  i will answer it.  even if you send it at 9:42 pm.

but if you want to ask about 1.01(b)(ii) in the debt covenants and you copy and paste the entire fucking covenant into the email body at 9:42 pm then fuck you, sonny, you’re not getting an answer until at least 9:42 am and that’s only gonna be if i’m feeling nice.



12:02 on a friday morning and i’m still working but all i can think about is the weekend and the fact that i have to work more and also go buy a vacuum cleaner


have you ever looked at an authority figure in your life and thought “wow i respect a well-grilled hot dog more than i respect you”

we have a duckling starting on the project tomorrow and oh my gosh, babies fresh out of college with their incredibly formal emails are so adorable that i can almost ignore his somewhat less than stellar reading comprehension

current work status: commuting to irvine every day (either four hours round trip by car or three hours by train, in case you were wondering, and sometimes they announce the wrong train number and it takes four hours  to get home), babysitting a newly hired senior consultant who’s done exactly zero auditing in her life and shouldn’t be on this project and is trying very hard god bless but doesn’t understand a single fundamental aspect of what we’re doing, remotely babysitting the contractor-who-just-accepted-an-offer-with-the-firm recent accounting undergraduate as he tests 300 journal entries, for my last client, clearing comments from the director on my testing and his testing and another consultant’s testing from the manager on said client, and also building test plans for 122 controls that we also have to test in the next two weeks for the current client and fending off the stressed out deloitte manager

things i have done recently

  1. i did laundry on monday

things i have not done recently

  1. put away my laundry
  2. in case you didn’t notice, today is sunday
  3. i’m the worst adult

when i moved from nc most of my stuff got packed into storage and it was all very organized and last year i went through it trying to find some stuff, including my nice pint glasses and tumblers, and couldn’t find any of it because it was in my parents’ storage unit, and i don’t want to buy new ones to replace the nice ones that, let’s be real, my dad probably nicked them and is using them but

that means i’m sitting here drinking whiskey out of a coffee mug with a chicken on it

like a very immature caveman

s i g h

the rdp crashed and it was taking forever to fix so while i was waiting i went through and unfollowed like sixty blogs because wow there were a lot of dead blogs that i was still following

outlook has decided it’s really important that this fcrp debt compliance meeting DOES NOT HAPPEN and i’m going to throw my laptop through a window la la la