We know who you are, we’ve heard all about you, but hearing is one thing.


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark collected by Alvin Schwartz  with art by Stephen Gammell.

Three volumes in all: released 1981, 1984, and 1991.  

And all who read these as a child should remember these horrifying drawings.  The one that bothered me the most: THE THING.  Just look at that face and imagine that really staring at you.  Not a pleasant thought even now.  ;)  

so like today i’m downstairs in the cafeteria to get a salad for lunch and this lady walks up to me and is all “ohmygod why are you in a splint why do you have a cane are you dying is there a giant tumor eating your leg” and i’m like “i don’t know you go away do not want” and she keeps asking questions until i tell her what happened to my knee and then she’s like “oh that’s no good i hope it works out but you know this is why you shouldn’t ride motorcycles and they’re dangerous and let me tell you about my husband’s brother’s college girlfriend’s roommate who died in a motorcycle accident” and i’m like “OH GOD LEAVE ME ALONE” but really i’m just trying to put together my salad and leave but i can only use one hand and she won’t stop talking and then she tells me to keep her updated and shoot her an IM when i get the results of my CT scan and i’m like “yes totally i have no idea who you are but i will absolutely keep you up to date on a relatively personal part of my life” and then she cuts in front of me at the salad bar and takes the last of the spinach and all of the chicken. 

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